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Full-Scale, Bespoke, Digital Agency to build your brand, engage and grow your audience, generate leads, and grow your business.

Good branding aligns your purpose to your perfect customer. Its then that marketing becomes easy!

We follow these three simple principles to develop your brand –

1. Know “You” – What do you? What are your values? What do you stand for? What’s the difference you want to make in the world? What do you want to be known for? Unpacking this will help us. Create an identity an online presence that aligns to your goals and the essence of your brand.

2. Know “Them” – Brands that understand their market and are able to emotionally connect and engage with that audience – Will win!

3. Know “How” – Having a beautiful brand that resonates is wonderful, but it means nothing if we don’t do anything with it. Luckily, we know exactly what to do to connect your brand to your ideal target market.

Brand Strategy

Identity & Logo Design


Branding Collateral

Grow your business with Bespoke Digital Marketing services to “REACH” your perfect target customers!

Step 1 – Strategise

Your business, your brand, and your perfect customer is unique to you. So no matter what you hear from any so-called marketing “gurus”, there is no one strategy or digital marketing system that works for everybody. We will work closely with you to “unpack” your business goals and create the ideal tailored growth strategy.

Step 2 – Build

Whatever the plan is, we have the team in-house to build it out. We handle everything from start to finish to ensure speed and quality of your digital presence.

Step 3 – Execute

With everything built out ready to go, we now need to deploy the strategy and generate leads and new business. We work with you ongoing to meet your target business objectives.

What We Do

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Email Marketing

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Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Google Adwords

To been seen in 2020, you need to build, and more importantly maintain consistent online presence! We work with businesses ongoing to continually develop your content to ensure you stand out above the competition.


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Monty Hooke

Chief Impact Officer

Pioneer & CEO of ‘The Exponential’. A serial entrepreneur since the age of eight, Monty has been building businesses since the age of eight years old.

Monty now uses his experience is business as a trusted advisor and mentor, to empower and enable founders, leaders and changemakers to use their businesses as a force for good in the world.

With such a long history in business, Monty understands intimately the challenges businesses face. Especially those challenges surrounding scaling a business and building teams. These insights make Monty the perfect person to guide small business owners to new heights.

Through Monty’s upfront and honest approach, coupled with the tools and strategies for innovation, outsourcing, leadership and business systems, he has helped over 700 businesses to scale and finder greater purpose and meaning in their business.

As well as being the active CEO and Lead Growth Strategist with The Exponential, Monty is a Mentor and Advisor on the board of several other companies as an equity partner.

“My purpose in life, is to empower entrepreneurs to understand their full potential and the biggest positive impact they can have in this life. Then, to put the teams and systems in place to bring that to life.”

Monty does obligation free, twenty minute “Impact Sessions” for those entrepreneurs in a position to scale who are aligned to using their business as a force for positive change in the world.” Book Now.

Genevieve Ryan

Chief Of Teams

For all of her working life, ‘Gen’ has been drawn to work in service industries, particularly in roles such as training, coaching, culture, team optimisation and leadership. Over the span of fifteen years, these passions evolved into a love for building and implementing talent and culture strategies for organisations of all sizes. Having worked as a lead trainer for such companies as Flight Centre & GE Money, Gen has been a sought after trainer, building high performance teams through leadership and culture development programs, across both local and offshore remote teams.

Having joined as an original Co-Founder with Monty in 2013, Genevieve works with ‘The Exponential’ management team, ensuring both our internal team, and our clients teams of offshore are high performing and engaged.

Through her work with The Exponential, Gen has developed herself as a sought after authority and thought leader in the space of remote workforces. Having created a powerful framework called ‘The Future Of Work’, Gen consults with businesses helping them scale teams through Automation, Globalisation, Collaboration, Diversification and Flexibility.

For businesses looking to build scalable offshore teams, and culture and leadership training programs, Genevieve will be a valuable asset in helping you Innovate, Expand and make the greatest Impact possible.

Jared Asher

Chief Of Marketing & Strategy

Brainchild of the Digital Marketing and Strategy Division of ‘The Exponential’, Jared brings a wealth of knowledge by helping businesses scale through traffic acquisition and sales generation.

Self-taught in Social Media and Digital Marketing since 2004, Jared has a multitude of experience in senior roles such as Marketing Strategy, Project Director, Sales and Marketing Director, Senior Account Manager, and General Manager, as well as CEO of his own successful Advertising Agency “Timeless Inc”.

Jared has been the marketing architect behind many successful online and offline businesses such companies as Cab Charge, Trinity Point, Luxicon Homes, LJ Hooker, MPM Products, and ALH Hospitality. Most recently, Jared has worked with several award-winning brand agencies across Australia and New Zealand on multi-million dollar marketing projects.

This vast experience has enabled Jared to develop a unique expertise that spans across all realms of Marketing and Digital Media including Social Media, Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Messenger Bots, Copywriting and Brand. Jared has a unique ability to understand the inner workings of different businesses and be able to craft unique marketing strategies that achieve lasting results.

Having been the trusted Sales and Marketing Partner responsible for the growth of ‘Ezy VA’ (our previous brand name) for five years, it was only fitting that Jared join as a Co-Founder of ‘The Exponential’ to support our passion for helping businesses to Innovate, Expand & make an Impact.

If you are looking for results in your marketing, contact Jared for an obligation free discovery call today.

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