If you’re anything like me, as an entrepreneur, you feel a deep connection with wanting to change the world. You feel pulled by something greater than you. But maybe, you can’t quite articulate what that “thing” is that pulls you.

Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone.

I’ve had the great fortune of working closely with some amazing clients who have very big visions, & are very clear on what their mission in life & business is. This has been both a blessing & a curse to me. Whilst it’s amazing to work with people who are so on purpose, it’s also been frustrating to not be able to articulate my purpose in the same way they can. Maybe you know that feeling also?

What I have come to learn though, having worked closely with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, is that very few people actually have the ability to really, really know their purpose. And even those people, the ones we see from the outside as having it all together & really knowing their purpose, even they question their own purpose regularly. Even daily!

Having seen what I’ve seen, & done a lot of internal work & pondering for my own life’s purpose. I’ve come to these three conclusions:

1. The purpose of life, for most of us, is in fact the pursuit of purpose.

Our human minds love to have finite answers. “What exactly is my purpose”, we might ask ourselves. But maybe, just maybe, the answer to that question, is not in the question itself, but the purpose of your life is to pursue the purpose of your life.

Slightly mind-boggling I know. But said another way – It’s in “being” ok with, & “knowing”, that at all times, you are actually on purpose.

2. “Be” on-purpose, even when you can’t articulate your purpose.

People from the outside look at me as being so “on-purpose”. I’m working with change-makers to help them scale their business. What’s not to know right? Seems obvious! But I still question what is my actual purpose every day. Maybe thats my subconscious mind trying to sabotage me by questioning what I’m doing. But I never stop moving forward in “being” on-purpose, even if some days I’m questioning what I’m doing. The fact that I just continually show up, moves me closer to my purpose, & every year it seems I feel more & more in-tune with my purpose & knowing I’m on track with my life’s work.

I’ve seen a lot of gifted entrepreneurs give up because they can’t articulate their purpose. Comparing your journey to those who came before you, is a sure fire way to cripple yourself with more doubt. But whatever your feeling in any one moment, as long as your higher self is pulled by something – Just keep fucking moving forward!!!!!

3. Build your business (and life) around giving!

This one has been huge for me. I am convinced, absolutely convinced, that if you build your business around giving instead of purely making money, you will for sure be leaning in on your purpose.

Most entrepreneurs have what I call “giving paralysis”. “When the business makes this amount of money”, then we’ll give. Seems logical. But it’s not. Because that day never comes. As you scale your business, you need more systems, staff, offices, whatever it is. As long as you have linear thinking of reaching a certain milestone to be able to give, you’re set up for failure from day one.

Integrate giving into the business so it’s embedded into the fabric of the organisation. The flow on effect is huge. I’m not talking about “karma” – On a practical level, the business will have a stronger culture which will attract customers/clients & talent. You, will show up more on-purpose, which ultimately pulls you forward to your greater purpose.

For a practical example of how every small business can (and should do this) please visit https://www.exponential.business/impact/ to see how easy it is to work with B1G1 – Business For Good.

I will leave you with a quote I shared recently –

“It’s not your job to change the world, but it is your job to create a ripple.”

Don’t compare with others & get paralysed by not having certainty on your higher purpose. Just focus on the ripple. Focus on the purpose you feel today. That ripple will turn into waves. And the waves will turn into a storm of purpose & legacy.

Monty MG Hooke

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