Strategic Partnership For Global Scale

We offer partnerships providing strategy, capital raising, mentoring, systems, technology team and offshore staffing.

Venture Partnerships

The Exponential is always on the lookout for potential business partnerships and investments. As well as working externally as third party providers of strategy and staffing resources, we also partner with companies by investing our time, staffing resources and money.

We have a very strict criteria in who we go into business with. Usually off the back of having already worked with businesses in a mentoring or strategic capacity. Through this, we know there is alignment to join forces to scale the business and make a greater impact. Some of our criteria are:

  • Business must either be thought leaders in their market, or opening new markets.
  • Business must solve a problem in the industry.
  • Founders must be driven by a force to make a difference in people’s lives and make the world a better place.
  • Founders must be aligned to the idea that exponential growth is based not on “ownership”, but in “creating experiences.”
  • Business must be willing to innovate, pivot and disrupt.
  • Business must be willing to build a global team.

Mentoring and Consulting

Usually starting with a half or full day workshop with Business Strategist, Mentor and Entrepreneur Monty MG Hooke, and/or Genevieve Ryan, Future Of Work and Team Building Expert.

The outcome of this work is to first “Calibrate” your business by identifying the current blocks in growth, then to “Chart” the exact next steps to IMMEDIATELY scale your business. This work is usually done as a half or full day workshop.

We then we begin to “Execute” to scale your business. Depending on your business size, industry and organisational structure, these are some of things we may work on (but not limited to):

Business Performance – We’ll zoom in on what works and what doesn’t to identify where efforts should be spent to get the fastest growth.

Financial Projections – Business modelling to predict the future and work backwards to create the plan to reach these targets.

Resource Planning – How to scale your teams and leaders.

Resource Efficiency – Creating a business model where leaders can work on the highest value, revenue generating activities, whilst output of work through staff is delivered as cost effectively as possible to increase profit.

Business Model Innovation – Identifying opportunities for pivots, partnerships and using technology to disrupt and scale.

Business Systems – We’ll identify exactly where you need people, or systems – And what systems.

As well as the above, If we decide to work together long term, we can help you scale through:

  • Regular strategic planning
  • Financial oversight and maximising profitability
  • Business and organisational structure
  • Capital raising
  • Board positions
  • Scalability and resource planning
  • Innovation
  • Partnerships for growth
  • Culture and leadership

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